What eco-friendly means to us

January 11, 2016

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At Nilorn, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of everything we do – from designing a product to choosing production processes, suppliers and the logistics involved to supply the final items to the customer. We believe it is important to take responsibility for the environment by using sustainable materials and production processes.

Our aim is to be a genuinely environmentally-friendly company, through not only the materials we use but throughout the whole supply chain and manufacturing process.  That’s why Nilorn has a philosophy of being close to our clients.  We are strategically located in all major garment manufacturing countries, giving us the means and ability to deliver labels to our customers within 48 hours*. This helps us reduce transport and distribution, saving energy consumption.

Many of the materials we use in our products can be sourced or produced with the environment in mind – from textiles and paper to plastics and even metals. 

All of our textile products are Oeko-Tex certified and many parts of our group are also Bluesign certified – meaning that it is not just the product itself which is eco-friendly, but the whole production chain from raw materials to the finished goods.

When environmentally friendly paper is desired, Nilorn offers the option of FSC certification – established to promote responsible management of the world’s forests.  Certified FSC board can be used and the printer must be FSC certified.  Recycled paper is also available as an alternative to FSC paper when an environmentally friendly paper is required.

Even here in the UK office we think about the environment, as all of our shredded paper is recycled – in the last few years we’ve saved over 60 trees by doing so!

To read more about Nilorn’s Environmental policy take a look at our Blue Book here.

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(* Dependent on location and relevant stock levels)