February 21, 2013


Here at Nilorn UK we are great believers of investing in our team and rewarding excellence.

This year, to coincide with our 2012 end of year company meeting, we took the opportunity to hold a conference and weekend retreat for all of our UK team and their partners at The Coniston Hotel and Country Estate in North Yorkshire.

Starting with a conference to reflect on 2012, we then moved onto an awards ceremony to recognise the achievements from our team in 2012.

Sales Person of the Year:

John Ford

“Nilornian” of the Year:

Chris Nicholl

Stuart Page

100% Attendance:

Lisa Blackburn

Adam Greasley

Cheryl Hall

Penny Hampshire

Ginny Jones

Andy Lamb

Sean Lomax

Chris Nicholl

Stuart Page

Graham Smith

Long service:

30yrs Julie Simmonds

17yrs Stuart Page

17yrs Kelly Galtrey

17yrs Mark Newton

16yrs Scott Bell

16yrs Graham Smith

13yrs Andy Lamb

13yrs Sean Lomax

13yrs Penny Hampshire

12yrs Lisa Blackburn

12yrs Sam Snowdon

11yrs Michael Pickles

After the conference and lunch, all the team and partners took part in a day of activities and events including, archery, cocktail making and then followed by and evening meal and casino.

An excellent day was had by all and heres to 2013!