March 11, 2013


If there is one thing we like to celebrate at Nilorn UK, it’s the achievements of our employees.

Every time an employee receives a new qualification, we display their certificate with pride on our “Wall of Achievement”. With 10 certificates already this year and employees developing new skills and qualifications at such a rate, we’ll have to extend the wall before we know it!

Nilorn UK believe that investing in our employees progression and skills, not only instills confidence in the individual but also in Nilorn UK itself from the customers perspective. Our customers know that with over 250 years of combined service from our staff and a keen appetite to develop, they are in good hands with Nilorn UK.

Staff currently on the “Wall of Achievement”

Darren Lord

Lisa Blackburn

Mark Newton

Stuart Page x 2

Chris Nicholl

Chelsea-Leigh Rampling

Stacey Ashworth

Shauna McHugh

Keep up the good work!