The Creative Process: Social Media

November 23, 2015

Social Media allows access to a huge amount of content that can inspire us throughout the creative process – especially during the early stages.  At Nilorn we use social media to not only share our own creative processes, and give a glimpse into the world of Nilorn, but to inspire us too.

Instagram is a very creative platform where we share snapshots of what’s going on, as it happens – whether that’s new collections, our Branding & Design magazine, events we’re attending or inspiration trips.  We also like to post behind-the-scenes photos of ongoing projects we’re working on in the creative studio or interesting things we’ve seen.

In conjunction, Twitter allows us to update our audience on current events including video releases and new blog posts.  It also allows us to interact with users directly and gives us the opportunity to open up further creative discussion and gain feedback.   

Our Facebook page is used as a newsfeed to document what’s going on at Nilorn – links to view our Branding & Design magazine, new video releases and new blog posts.  We also post galleries of our inspiration trips, events and more in depth photos of the new collections, to build up an online archive. 

Pinterest is quite different to the other social media platforms as we use it to share creative work (not always our own) re-pinned from other users, or pinned directly from the web.  The Nilorn Pinterest boards allow us to collate images of things we like which we can use for future projects, as inspiration, and to inspire others. We upload photos of our collections – where we include logos and colour palettes to tell a story of the creative process, to the final products. Our inspiration trips also have a board to themselves where we can share photos such as new materials we’ve seen, cool typography or even just great photography.

To us, social media is not to advertise services – it’s a complete creative hub where we can interact with creatives and industry professionals alike.  It’s a tool to inspire others and to be inspired ourselves. 

Below are links to our social accounts:

Instagram      Twitter      Facebook      Pinterest      LinkedIn

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