Quick Guide – Woven Label Qualities Part 1

July 18, 2017

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Here at Nilorn, we understand that woven labels are a key component when it comes to marketing your brand and making it instantly recognisable. We supply many different types of woven labels which range in qualities, design and finish. Below we take a closer look at some of the more popular qualities available.


Taffeta – This is a woven label process, usually using polyester yarn. It can also be referred to as plain weave. It is a relatively basic style which is usually inexpensive, the weft and warp threads intertwine alternately to produce a basket weave effect.


Taffeta Microsilk – This is a far tighter weave using finer yarns making for a neater finish and clearer text definition.

Tafetta Superclear / Damask – This type of label construction is formed by using twice the density of threads normally used in the weft of standard labels. It gives extremely sharp definition in design and colour. This label is used extensively in the fashion industry due to its versatility and can be used to create more complex labels with layers.


Satin – A weave construction with a glossy surface and a matt/dull reverse. Satin is a warp facing weave technique in which the warp yarns are floated over weft yarns. Satin labels are restricted to certain colour ranges meaning they can only be used with a black or white base but any colour can be used for the design. Simple designs work better for this type of label as more complicated logos can be difficult to produce.

Reverse Satin – A reverse weave of the satin thread used to create dimension on labels. This quality has a combination of a dull and matt finish.


Satin Microsilk – Very similar to Taffeta Microsilk but due to the weave construction there is more glint/gleam to this type of label.

Satin Superclear – Again this is quite similar to Taffeta Superclear, but this quality will achieve a solid matt base layer which usually has a more contrasting design.

Most label qualities can be supplied with either an ultrasonic edge or slit edge (heat slit)

Ultrasonic cut– uses sonic waves to give the label a clean cut and a soft edge.

Heatslit – uses a heated wire to cut the labels, but the finished edge is not as smooth to the touch.

If you want to know more about woven labels and the range of finishes available, get in touch here.