Nilorn Marketing Mailers

September 21, 2015


Here at Nilorn UK, we are constantly looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. Our creative team were tasked with producing three “distinctively Nilorn” mailers, showing a glimpse of what we have to offer. 

They didn’t disappoint. 

Every detail was carefully considered, from the design itself to the paper weight and finish. Even a new embossing stamp was produced, so each envelope could be hand embossed, with a unique Nilorn icon, whilst the mailers were being hand assembled by our creative team.

The first mailer introduces Nilorn with an effective “gallery” feel. The second presents some core products and samples, whilst the third focuses around packaging, offering the recipient the opportunity to produce their own origami desk tidy, using the colourful paper provided. The three mailers are fun, visually striking and all contain a unique fold, demonstrating that they could only have been finished by hand with care.

From design to board selection, each mailer was designed and produced with great care and consideration, ensuring an exciting and memorable experience for each recipient. Attention to detail is key to Nilorn and the mailers reflect this perfectly.