New York 2015

April 16, 2015


Inspiration is a big part of our creative process, we like to invest as much time and effort as we can gathering inspiration. Last week our design team visited the fashion capital, New York.

The city of New York moves at a super fast pace, fuelled mostly by coffee. On the streets of New York fashion is eclectic, the range of styles is vast. We saw lots of people rushing through the street in yoga pants and loud coloured trainers, by stark contrast very smart business types wearing suits and mole skin coats were talking business on their iPhone. Every so often you catch a view of someone doing things just a little different, usually mixing styles and accenting with a really bold colour, interesting hat or funky glasses.

In Brooklyn the pace slows down, a mecca for the modern hipster. Brooklyn is an edgy place which oozes with raw style and coolness. Beards, skinny jeans and check shirts (only worn around the waist) is the main style, all finished off with a flat white coffee from an independent coffee shop who also sell fixie bikes. A truly awesome place with a great feel.

A week is by no way enough time to see all the cool things and places New York has to offer. Amongst the great food, street art and well dressed people of NY we have seen many great stores. From small flea market traders through to independent and high end stores, all very different but all very cool and inspirational.

Our second group of designers are now seeking inspiration, taking in all Los Angeles has to offer and meeting with Alexandra from our Nilorn US office.