September 15, 2015

INSPIRED Video Blog Header

The latest instalment of Nilorn’s “Short Film Series” has now been launched, demonstrating the work of our creative department.

A question was posed to one of our designer’s to try and find out “what is creativity?”.

It was decided that in order to be creative, inspiration is key – and so #INSPIRED was born.

This short film focuses on how our UK creative team get inspiration to develop their ideas into finished products.  They show how inspiration can come from anywhere; their surroundings, physical objects, online content or even other people.  All of this influences how they gather and evolve ideas to ensure their work is the best it can be.

A selection of collections, designed by our UK creative team, feature in the video (as well as the team themselves), which was all filmed and edited in-house.

Watch the full video below and why not head over to our Youtube channel to check out the rest of the ‘Nilorn Short Film Series’.