Hong Kong 2016

May 9, 2016

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Inspiration is a massive part of the creative process.  Here at Nilorn, we devote as much of our time and effort as we can to it. This month our design team ventured to the Far East – specifically the energetic city of Hong Kong.

Stepping into the accelerated world of Hong Kong was a huge culture shock – fuelled by a whirlwind of business, lively nightlife, premium fashion and sportswear.  Inspiration was plentiful as they explored what the city had to offer.  From the energetic entertainment zone of Soho, to the more tranquil parks and gardens scattered across the city.

Taking time out from some of the madness, the team visited PMQ – a design event located in a former police headquarters, featuring a range of shops and exhibits.  There were some interesting projects and brands on display ranging from recycled watches to contemporary art pieces – all very inspiring indeed.

The team also visited our colleagues in the Nilorn Hong Kong Office and some of the suppliers in China – developing their knowledge of the products we create and the manufacturing processes.

During their short stay in Hong Kong, they saw, heard and even sometimes tasted the inspiration oozing out from this wonderful city. There is so much to experience that you could spend lifetime there and still not see it all. It was definitely a trip to remember.

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