Branding & Design Magazine

September 21, 2017

Magazine 2017 02 blog header

The second issue of our Branding and Design magazine has landed for 2017.

The magazine is a biyearly publication produced by the Nilorn Group, containing a mix of informative articles, fashion shoots, interviews and a summary of our latest branding collections.

This issue features articles from Mallalieus, a British woollen textiles brand, to Nilorn’s new venture in the manufacturing metropolis of Bangladesh; making for a fantastic insight into the development of our own production facilities.

We also have another great photoshoot by photographer Olof Händén, and stylist Gorjan Lauseger based on one of our new branding concepts: Luca Ghini, a stylish denim womenswear concept.

You can read (and download) a digital copy here or request a hard copy from one of our representatives here.

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