Berlin 2017

May 3, 2017

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Inspiration is a huge part of the creative process.  Here at Nilorn, we devote as much of our time and effort as we can to it. Recently some of our design team ventured to Berlin, Germany – regarded as one of Europe’s fashion capitals – for their latest inspiration trip.

The trip was a whirlwind for our designers, cramming as much inspiration time as possible to get the most out of the city.  They visited many fashion stores, ranging from high-street to high end brands, mixed in with independent boutiques selling unique products – all often locally made.

The team also took some time out to visit ‘The Haus: Berlin Art Bang’ – an art exhibition featuring the work of 165 artists set inside an old bank building.  Created to ultimately be destroyed, the exhibition lasts for only 2 months before the building is set to be demolished.  Covering several floors, each room contained work by a different artist, from political thought-provoking projects to street-art inspired painted walls and a variety of art installations.  One that caught our eye was from ‘Tape That’ a collective of artists who solely use adhesive tape in a range of sizes and colours to create their work – whether it was a room installation or wall mural and some even featured light projections.

During their short visit to Berlin, our team soaked up a wealth of inspiration from this fashionable city and experienced as much as they could of what it had to offer.

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