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March 21, 2017

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Our in-house magazine, Branding & design, is a successful biyearly publication containing a range of features and editorials surrounding the fashion industry. 

Here we take a closer look at one of the articles – Nilorn India – and ask if India is the fashion worlds next manufacturing power house?

The article focuses on our Nilorn India office which was set up in 2008 to offer a localised service to European customers who have been producing garments in India for many years. We explore the history of the fashion industry in India, how it has developed over the years and its impact on the world. Take a look at an excerpt from the magazine below – or read the full article on issuu here.

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Fashion comes from within… India’s romance with fashion has been tender and has grown leaps and bounds over the centuries marking its presence in a treasure trove of fashion inspiration promised to the global arena. Its dominance in fashion is unrivalled and dates back 5000 years to the INDUS valley civilisations. Buoyed by its trade in dyed cloth and advances in textile trade, block printing and resist dyed fabrics during the second century and it is now heading towards being the second largest producer of textile and garments in the world. Statistics show that India’s fashion industry contributes 27% to the country’s foreign exchange flows and is expected to grow to a size of US$223 billion by 2021.

Indian fashion’s impact on the worlds runways has become so omnipresent it cannot be dismissed by even the most fashionably cynical. Take Indian ladies kurti for instance, which is revelling in the global fashion limelight to become a repertoire of popular stores such as H&M, CHLOE, GUCCI, DOLCE AND GABBANA, ROBERTO CAVALLI and VALENTINO to name just a few. The Indian raw material coupled with its diverse culture is feeding the imaginations of many fashion hungry international designers. For instance, Cavalli T-shirts with Indian gods made international headlines at MILAN fashion week last year. GIORGIO ARMANI parading into the fashion plates with jodhpuri trousers in his lines and young passionate designer ZAC POSEN from the US draws his inspiration from India in his ‘tribalite’ section.

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Don’t forget to check out the full article in the latest edition of Branding & design here.