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April 19, 2016

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Our in-house magazine, Branding & design, is a successful biyearly publication containing a range of features surrounding the fashion industry.  Here we take a closer look and focus on one of the articles – an interview with Agnes Wené from Flanders Fashion Institute.

Flanders Fashion Institute is an organisation which promotes Flemish fashion, advises members in the industry and coaches young designers.  In December 2015, the FFI launched the second edition of its Fashion Talks event, to which Nilorn proudly offered its support.  Take a look at an excerpt from the magazine below – or read the full article on issuu here.

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The Flanders Fashion Institute was founded nearly two decades ago, but today it is still loyal to its initial mission. “It’s important to note that our target audience is everyone who works in the fashion industry in Flanders” says Agnes Wené. “We coach young, up-and-coming designers, but we also help mid-level and well-established companies. Anyone who has any questions about the fashion industry should feel welcome to ask us.”

There are different ways in which entrepreneurs or businesses can come knocking for help. “We organise events to spread information and allow starters to dive deep into a specific topic, but we also have a weekly consultation hour where we give one-to-one advice”, explains Agnes.

In both its coaching and communication efforts, FFI is acutely aware of the role branding plays in the fashion industry. “When we advise young designers, we always start by helping them identify their DNA, because from there on, they can make informed decisions that impact their business”, claims Agnes. “If the brand identity is right, efficient communication with clients, consumers and partners is made that much easier. Whether the question is ’what will my next collection look like’, or ’which tags should my clothes have’, the brand identity carries the answers.”

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Don’t forget to check out the full article in the latest edition of Branding & design here.