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November 10, 2015

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Our in-house magazine, Branding & design, is a successful biyearly publication containing a range of features surrounding the fashion industry.  Here we take a closer look and focus on one of the articles – Fashion Snoops

Fashion Snoops offers a variety of services that we find useful and believe our clients may benefit from too.  Take a look at an excerpt from the magazine below – or read the full article on issuu here.

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Fashion Snoops helps companies, brands and creatives to forecast future trends in areas including fashion, accessories, home furnishings and beauty.

It offers an Internet-based service through which clients, as subscribers, gain access to an extensive library of reports, photos, graphics, forecasts and various other tools. 

We visit Fashion Snoops at its head office in Manhattan’s Garment District. Unlike the noisy, bustling street scene outside on 38th Street, the building exudes an air of calm.

The sound of small-talk rings around the spacious office landscape. This is home to the 25-person Fashion Snoops creative team, made up of editors, researchers and directors. The team philosophy is that everyone brings something to the party and Lilly Berelovich (creator of Fashion Snoops) explains that the interns, who attend various different meetings, often come up with the best ideas.

“The fundamentals of the work Fashion Snoops does are a constantly recurring theme,” says Lilly. “Runways, trade fairs, events and what is going on in the retailing sector must be monitored. However, there have been big changes over the last few years. Clients want information faster, ideally two minutes after the fashion show.”

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Don’t forget to check out the full article in the latest edition of Branding & design here.