A Quick Guide to Garment Trims

August 8, 2016

Quick Guide to Trims Blog Header

Garment trims are key when branding your products.  They can be attached internally, externally, or as a separate stand alone product to communicate your brand’s identity.  We can develop any trim as a bespoke item to give your products the customised, one-off quality they deserve.

This guide has been put together to give you an outline of some of our most popular trims and the variety of materials/finishes that are available.

Buttons / Zip Pulls / Rivets

Buttons, zip pulls and rivets are an incredibly versatile product that can be applied to almost any garment – be it denim, casualwear, tailoring or accessories.  As such, they can be produced in a wide range of materials, shapes, styles and finishes.

Metal trims are a popular choice for denim garments – they can be created with embossed/debossed features, coloured with ink/enamel and given a worn/vintage finish if required. Wooden trims can have a design printed onto them or heat etched (giving a slightly debossed finished) and are available in a range of natural, painted or stained colours.

Plastic or rubber buttons and zip pulls can be produced in a variety of colours and can again feature embossed/debossed areas to add texture or to emphasise a design. Buttons can also be created from materials such as corozo (nut) and shell – as these are natural products, slight variation in colour and appearance can be expected.


Patches or tabs are often used as design features, to brand a product or garment – although they can occasionally be functional too.  Leather/faux leather and suede can be printed, embroidered or heat stamped with a design and cut to almost any size and shape.  These are available in a range of colours, although they are often used for their traditional natural brown colour (most commonly on denim garments).  A worn/vintage look can be achieved through distressing the leather piece or it can be left with a clean finish, depending on the required look.

Rubber tabs and patches are more commonly used on sportswear and workwear garments, for their technical appearance.  Rubber trims are moulded and can incorporate embossed/debossed details to emphasise the design and to create a tactile finish – either as a single colour or multiple.


Buttons, zip pulls, rivets, buckles, eyelets, PVC moulded badges, leather tabs… the list goes on.

If you want to know more about trims and the range of finishes/materials available, get in touch here.