A History of UK Production & Despatch

April 5, 2016


This time centering around our production and despatch departments here in the UK, the final instalment of the Nilorn mailers is in the post – completing our series of five.

As with all our mailers, every detail from start to finish is carefully considered, ensuring it reflects our production and despatch teams perfectly.

The mailer itself features another unique fold – this time with all four sides interlocking in place – much like the boxes used by our despatch team.  These combine together to create a stylised, two-tone front graphic, with inspiration taken from the inks our production department use.

Once opened, a bright pop of turquoise colour is revealed along with a rotary printed label produced in-house on coated cotton.  Comprising of a 3-colour print design, the large label grabs attention and demonstrates an example of what our in-house team has to offer – we are very proud of our ‘Made in UK’ production capabilities.

Packaged inside an Emerald Colorplan envelope, stamped with our unique hand-embossed Nilorn icon, the mailer was designed and hand assembled by our creative team – giving it that distinct ‘Nilorn’ finish.