Sustainability at Nilorn means working towards meeting the needs of people and society without compromising the needs of future generations – acting in the long-term interests of many people. Nilorn believes in taking a holistic approach – including the entire design, manufacturing and supply chain.

Sustainable products, for us, implies finding better materials. Once chosen and used, those materials should be kept in a recycling loop for as long as possible. For us it is important to work to be genuinely better all round, not only from the product perspective. We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of everything we do – from designing a product and choosing production processes to choosing a supplier and planning the logistics.

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Certifications, Memberships and Co-operation

Nilorn is committed to be your responsible supplier, providing goods and services with sustainability at its core. We work with carefully selected partners who hold the same values and principles. In addition to our own standards Nilorn and/or its partners also participate in the following certifications, audits and memberships;

Nilorn’s Blue Book is our handy guide to Sustainability within the Nilorn Group – detailing our offer for a more sustainable future. It includes information on our ethical and environmental responsibilities and details of the sustainable products we offer.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Nilorn strives to ensure environmental considerations are part of its everyday business both internally and throughout our supply chain. It is our belief that all businesses take responsibility for their environmental impact.

The supply chain is continually monitored and assessed. Suppliers found to be in breach of laws and agreements made shall be examined and appropriate action taken.

The Nilorn Supplier Code of Conduct serves as a common foundation for us and our suppliers in terms of acting in a responsible manner, including focusing on environmental protection and good working conditions.

We keep close contact with suppliers through regular meetings and visits to facilities. Inspections at facilities are carried out and documented. Feedback is provided and, where necessary, a corrective action plan with agreed time scales set for completion.

As a guide in our work performance, we have identified the Nilorn Core Values. These values are practices a Nilorn employee applies daily in all work situations. Part of our responsibility as a Nilorn employee is to take environmental considerations, in our own business and in our relationship with suppliers.

Nilorn employees are trained in our environmental policy and environmental impacts of the choices we make. We will guide customers and suppliers to more sustainable options in materials, transportation, and processes.

Sustainability Report

More fit for the future is Nilörngruppen’s sustainability report, where we report on our work, our progress and the way forward. The bottom line of our approach is that resources, both natural and human, must be used in a sustainable way.

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If you’d like to discuss how we can guide you to more sustainable options for your products, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.

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