Woven Labels

High Quality Custom Woven Labels

This “humble” product is a must-have for any garment and should never be taken for granted. Woven labels are integral to any fashion brand and immediately sends out a message confirming quality and elegance.

For this reason Nilorn UK has always given high priority to innovation and design in weaving, resulting in an impressive range of label qualities, textures and finishes which go far beyond the traditional.

We offer custom woven labels so they can reflect your aesthetic and your hard work that you’ve put into your creative projects. Whether the projects are personal creative endeavours, for your small business needs or whether you’re a global titan, our custom woven labels will help you put your stamp on your projects. Our custom woven labels can be customised to suit your needs.

Below you can see the different types of woven labels we offer all of which can be customised to suit you.

Woven label with ends folded on a 45 degree angle to create tabs which are sewn in to a neck seam. Allowing the item to be hung.

Woven label with folded ends to create a neat finish when sewn in to the garment. A versatile finish which can be used a variety of ways.

As the loop fold label with additional end folds. Popular in street wear, this style of woven label tends to be used on the hem, cuffs or pockets.

Woven label folded in the centre to create a loop. Most commonly sewn in the seam of t-shirts and sweat shirts for size tabs.

Woven label with overlocked edges to finish.

A continuous length of woven ribbon. Commonly used as edging in trousers. Can be supplied on rolls or cut to length.

Woven labels cut to length and sealed around all edges to prevent fraying. Ideal for size tabs, tax tabs and external trim.

Woven labels with a custom shape, sometimes referred to as die cut labels. Commonly used for badges, can be overlocked and backed.

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Processes & Qualities

Adhesive backed. Overlocked Badges (merrow edge). Embroidered Badges. Broadloom. Needle loom. Taffeta Super Clear. Satin. High definition. Nylon. Cotton. Monofilament.