In a fast paced, worldwide industry, getting your trims to the right factory at the right time can be challenging, especially when time differences, local holidays and language barriers are taken into consideration. That’s why Nilorn has a philosophy of being close to our clients. We are strategically located in all major garment-manufacturing countries, giving us the means and ability to deliver labels to our customers within 48 hours* via our logistics service.

Nilorn Auto Orders

The Nilorn Web Order System provides total control through the supply chain as well as huge labour savings. When a production order from the client is sent to the manufacturer, Nilorn simultaneously receives a label request from the client’s system in a fully automated process. The order is handled automatically by Nilorn and within 48* hours everything from woven labels to price and barcode labels are delivered to the manufacturer.

Nilorn Web Orders

The Nilorn Web Solution was designed with both the client and manufacturer in mind. This unique tool provides a complete overview of order, warehousing and distribution, allowing both the client and manufacturer to order labels and check/control delivery. This web solution is tailored to the needs of each client and serves as a tool for direct and continuous control. Real-time support is offered through the global presence that Nilorn provides.

This system supports both internal and external communication handled by the Nilorn IT system. Our clients have the opportunity of integrating this service into their own systems, enabling clients and manufacturers to order and monitor order placement and distribution.

* Dependent on location and relevant stock levels