Drapers Sustainable Fashion Conference 2022

May 4, 2022

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Nilorn UK recently attended the Drapers Sustainable Fashion Conference in London, on 21st April.  The aim of the event was to bring people and businesses together from across the industry – from start-ups to leading fashion brands, suppliers, and retailers – for essential conversations to promote transparency, transformation, and collaboration.  It was pleasing to see that there were over 350 attendees and Nilorn was the only packaging and trims company sponsoring the event.

The Nilorn UK team had an excellent position for their stand where they showcased Nilorn’s offer, from concept collections displaying a variety of samples to our Branding & Design magazine, The Blue Book and our annual Sustainability Report.

Inspired by our Swedish heritage, the stand had a Scandinavian feel which the team had worked hard to develop specifically for the event.

Throughout the day, there were a range of presentations, inspiring talks and interactive workshops for all attendees to get involved in.  These were both informative and insightful, with the main focus on reducing waste. The seconds/returns/resell/collect and reuse market was also very well supported and highlighted circularity as a key area for the future of the clothing industry.

The event, as a whole, was an opportunity to learn, educate and meet with both potential clients as well as with some familiar faces. It was also a key aim to understand the challenges facing our industry, and to identify workable outcomes to for a more responsible and transparent future – in which Nilorn already play an integral part.

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